#WhereYouWear #DestinationDisney

ficco-disneyThe new launch of our #WhereYouWear your Rewash Brand denim and RWH14 lands right here and we can't wait to share our journey as well as watch yours as you share #WhereYouWear your Rewash or RWH14.

Our first destination, Disneyland. We are fortunate to have the best weather and sunshine in the state of our corporate headquarters, Los Angeles. And just a short drive away, we find ourselves at Disney! The happiest place of Earth in our favorite RWH14 Upland Chino's in Brick. Rugged, yet breathable on a day like the one RWH14 went on. A smoldering 91 degrees and Anthony Ficco weathered the heat just fine. Touring through the streets of Cars Land, taking on loops of California Screamin' and taking on some water at Splash Mountain, these twills managed just fine.

The perfect blend of Cotton meets Date Day at Disney while looking on trend and pairing the vintage look of the original Mouse tee. The Pantone Red of Mickey matched with our Chinos on a trendy level. Don't forget a celebratory button for any special day you are celebrating for!

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