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Top Ten Ways to Incorporate Denim & Twill into your Halloween Costume

If you thought that denim or a nice pair of chinos was only a necessary part of your wardrobe paired with your favorite tee and boots, think again. Halloween calls for adding a little (or a lot) of denim into your costume this year. Here are the Top Ten ways to incorporate Denim & a thrill of Twill into your Halloween:

Looking to be a Texas Ranger, look no further than the likes of Chris Pine and Ben Foster and none other than belt buckled Jeff Bridges. The denim is a boot-in for an easy costume to pair with your Western Wear. See above, add a cowboy hat and very hardy beard…

Cowboys and Indians make playing with denim easy and fun, all you need is the hat, the bandana and a cool couple hues of denim fade. Play around with a lighter wash on the top like Jon to keep it simply cowboy trendy.

Throwback for denim AND sweatshirts?! This easy 80s look is a way to brave the elements, keep warm and throw on your comfy walking shoes for Trick or Treating! Saved by the sneakers…

Twill you up into the magical spells of new flick “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” with a briefcase, bowtie, tailored overcoat and you got yourself an Eddie Redmayne look-alike. Fantastical and who doesn’t like a man purse disguised as a brief case all night?

Want a little of this and a little of that? How about a little denim and a little twill and you got yourself two “Nice Guys”. An easy way to bromance your Halloween out with the boys and one take the denim route and the other the chino, take it back to the 70s with a little eyewear, a swoopy hair part and a crispy Goodwill button down shirt. It’ll be a Nice night out!

If you though Boy Bands were so last decade, try again. Pick a current or a past boy bander and all you need is a pair of jeans, any of RWH14’s shirts or flannels and you have conquered and divided The Jonas Brothers.

Feel like walking the Haunted Mansions? Better to do it looking like the “Walking Dead”. Denim, more denim, oversized jackets and a beanie and you are on your way to wiping out zombies. And staying warm!

Really at this point just deck out a nice jacket from a vintage shop in every bead, sequin and glitter any dress and dazzle possesses and pair with a nice clean pair of chinos and crown – and you are coming to America! In style my friend!

You thought it, we said it! Everyone is doing the Suicide Squad thing this year, and what better way than one of our Chinos, your most purple oversized coat and a face full of makeup! You are – The Joker!

Who can ever forget the big kahuna, the all mighty, and the one and only – ALL OVER DENIM LOOK. Throw on as much and all denim you own, some pop color shades and you have become pop superstars Britney and Justin. That’s all you need to know.

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